Sea Cans

Sea Cans | Shipping Containers 

Great for all your storage needs.


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  • Tie hooks
  • Varnished plank floor
  • Cable hatch
  • Lock box
  • Easy open handles
  • Air vents 


Sea Cans 

Temporary storage solutions are just a phone call away with Alantra Leasing. Alantra's shipping containers offer high quality and durable solutions for every job site storage needs. Whether you need to store your tools and equipment, furniture, or project supplies, we have you covered. Take advantage of our in-house trucking services and have your sea can unit delivered to you when and where you need them. 

Using storage containers for moving 

 Alantra is not a moving company. However, Alantra will work with individuals on a case per case basis and will transport containers within our operating provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edwards Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Disclaimer: Alantra will not assist in loading or unloading materials from a container, or storage unit. It is the responsibility of the renter to load items and to safely secure items in the unit.

 Please be sure all materials are loaded upon truck arrival and ready for the driver to pick up and transfer the container. 

Customize Your sea containers

Alantra Leasing Inc. offers customization options for sea containers. Perfect for specific job site needs including storage, fueling stations, work centers, portable offices, data centers, etc. 

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