Non-Combustible Buildings

Non-Combustible Modular Buildings

Work with our team of experts to design, build, and deliver your fire-safety rated mobile construction trailer or modular building. Built with steel for a safer structure. 

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Non-combustible mobile office trailers and modular buildings offer a wide variety of customization options suitable for any site. These products can be used widely across industries where fire control is a concern. Non-combustible buildings help in applications where your site may deal with highly flammable products or perhaps you're in close proximity to other buildings and there is concern that fire could spread to an adjacent property. 

Non-Combustible Features   

Steel Studs

Supported on Steel Beams

Fire Rated Ceilings, Walls, & Floor Assemblies

Aluminum Windows frames

Interior Steel Doors

Electric Heat

Communications Panel 

Air Conditioning 

Heat Pumps

Electrical Mast

Emergency Exit/Lights

Coat Hooks

Bulletin Boards

Custom Designs

Alantra offers a unique solution for fire safety and control on any job site. If you have a site that requires ultimate fire control or the need to prevent spread of a fire, a non-combustible solution is what you need.