Mining Trailers, Wellsite Trailers

Mining | Well-Site Trailers

These units are built for the harshest of climates. 
Alantra focuses on quality and uniquely designs each product for comfort, durability, and productivity.

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  • Propane Heat
  • Central Vac
  • Water Tank, Central Air
  • Electric Mast
  • Emergency Exit/Lights
  •  Sinks, washrooms, kitchens (furnished)
  • Private bedrooms
  • TV's, Stereo, Satellite
  • Couches, Desks, Chairs

Optional Features

Mining Trailers, Wellsite Trailers

Equip your mining camp with everything you need for even the most remote areas and harshest climates. Propane heated and offering two separate furnished living areas, kitchens, built in televisions, bedrooms, bathroom and laundry facilities, Alantra’s mining accommodation trailers (wellsite trailers) provide your engineering professionals with convenience, comfort and security. For end of day clean up and storage of apparel, Alantra’s mine dry units feature a hot water tank, laundry sinks, electric toilets, lockers, and shower facilities. 

Day trailers are equipped for shorter term workforce needs with an eating area, electric toilet, laundry sink, hot water tank, communications and electric panels as well as built in roof brackets for magnetic antennas.  

Designed for every environment, Alantra’s 20 kw diesel generators/telescoping light towers rotate 360 degrees,  can power  three office trailers and provide site illumination using four  1000 watt metal Halide lights. Continuous runtime of 24 hours is provided by a 40 gallon fuel tank.