Maintenance Shops

Maintenance Shops

Work with Alantra's team of experts to design and build the maintenance shop you've been looking for. Maximize work space. 

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Emergency Exit/Lights

Maintenance Shops

Alantra PortaShops include pre-manufactured wall and roof panels that are assembled on site. The product is ideal for temporary or permanent maintenance or storage facilities. Typical sizes are 40'x40' and 50'x 100', with 18 ft. high ceilings. 

  • Fast and efficient implementation

  • Cost effective solution

  • Roll up or hydraulic aircraft doors

Alantra Leasing's maintenance shops are multi-purpose and also act as aircraft storage, vehicle and truck storage, rv/camper storage, construction site storage, and much more. View sizes and floor plans below.

 Other Storage Options:

  • Heated Storage

  • Shipping Containers / Cargo Containers